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Thread: .243 gone full circle

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    .243 gone full circle

    I have shot a fair few deer - into the hundreds, I started off with the .243 and shot plenty of them with it, from rutting red stags to muntjac and never found it wanting. I generally neck shoot and used a 105g Geco soft nose through it and always enjoyed shooting it as it was so smooth. But, like most of us, I believed somehow that a different calibre would kill deer better! I read lots about the .308 with its great knock down power as I do lots of woodland stalking and so I bought one. I also do a fair bit on the hill, especially on the hinds and again felt that I needed a flatter shooting harder hitting round so researched and spoke to stalkers and ended up settling on a 25-06. I was hoping this was going to be my go to rifle in the cabinet as everyone told me it was better than the .243. Both rounds are great, and lots of people love them, I can see why, but I have now gone full circle, I have gone back to the .243. The reasons; I am not a home loader and ammunition is easy to get, it is beautifully smooth to shoot (thus you can be very accurate as no shot flinching) and if you put the bullet in the right place it does its job as well as any I have shot. I have come to the conclusion that mine does everything I want it to do. In simple terms it may not have the knock down power of a .308 or the flat trajectory of the 25-06 but it suits me very well and it does do the basics very well, put deer down.
    Happy stalking.

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    " I generally neck shoot........I have gone back to the .243"

    Prepare for incoming! The ONLY thing that could have made this thread even more fun is " It's a Blaser !"

    Joking aside.....There is a reason why so many of us use and love the lil' ol' 6mm-08. Stick with it and thanks for the reasoning!


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    Have two of them and agree with you. It s a great calibre.

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    I too love my neck and head shots with my .243.

    Amen to that!.... And we will need religion, we are about to get forum lynched!

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    I will go one better I use a 243 guess what it's a BLASER !!
    regards Pete

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    Just restocked my Remy 700 243, had it a good few years's done everything I have asked of it..BUT, I got a 270 as well.......... ...... took the 243 out today to try a new reload in it, and have fallen in love with it all over again...

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    Never had a problem with my 243, but have moved to the next much maligned calibre 270.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Taff View Post
    Never had a problem with my 243, but have moved to the next much maligned calibre 270.
    Taff,we got the last rhino in the kawekas 3 tears ago

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    I too head shoot when ever possable and I have found the 75g & 70g Nosla Balistic tips to be so destructive they are ideal for this. The 308 BTs seem to go through and through but the 243 just dumps all its energy where I want it and knocks them down no the spot even id a couple of inches out.

    Heart shot I use 100g soft points and the knock down has been fine but I can see the argument for the 308 150g slower round doing less meet dammage

    Accuracy the 243 has it in spades. I can never get my 308 as tight between 100 & 200m as I can the 243 and I put this down to over gripping the rifel to cope with recoil.


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    I have both a 308 and 243 and the 308 is just as accurate as the 243 infant with 130 gr Barnes ttsx its faster flater and harder hitting than my 243 with 100 sgk

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