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Thread: Possible Sale Standard Ruger 10/22 + Mod & scope in Devon

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    Possible Sale Standard Ruger 10/22 + Mod & scope in Devon

    My father will hopefully be moving soon and at 88 he is finally thinking of relinquishing his certificate..... Haven't seen this rifle for a while but I think it is in good condition as it has probably only fired a box or two in all the years he's had it and has a cheap scope on and I'm pretty sure a moderator (probably parker hale?).

    I will be contacting a couple of local dealers but am guessing they will want us to effectively give it to them, so wondering whether anyone in striking distance of Okehampton might be interested at some point in the next month or so?

    Usual rules apply and because I know I have to state a price I'm going to say 175 - is that about right? Any interest please either post or send me a PM - thanks.

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    I'd be interested when your ready can you send me some pics my email is

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    Had a PM from someone also interested and as I told him rifle is in Devon and I am in Kent and there is no way Father is going to be taking pictures any time soon. I am hoping to get down there at some point in the next couple of weeks and if I do I will get it out and give it a good check-over and find out exactly what scope/mod and how many magazines, etc. I will take some pictures and e-mail them to you.

    I cant wait to see what sort of amount the local shop is going to offer

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    This is a slightly tricky post. Site rules state that we do not except goods for sale through a third party. Any goods offered for sale on this site must be made by a site member and not on behalf of a non member.

    I think it would be better if this post was withdrawn.

    Thank you
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    Hi Malc,

    Sorry, I genuinely didn't mean to do anything that was not in the rules and if you want to delete the post then I have no problem with that. I was hoping to get Dad what the rifle was worth rather than have him offered a derisory sum. If I could get my FAC back from Kent (only been waiting since July!) I'd take it on myself to sell but I could be waiting a while yet!

    As I cant work out how to delete this post I have marked it as sold and to anyone looking this Rifle is now withdrawn from sale - thank-you.

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