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Thread: Are some Scots really, really, that stupid? Or just lazy?

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    Are some Scots really, really, that stupid? Or just lazy?

    Too stupid not to consider that it might be better not to tell others?

    Or just too lazy and is it just too much effort to dig a 'wee hole' and keep silent?

    This is just meat and drink to this with an anti-shooting agenda in the Edinburgh Assembly.

    If you want to see beavers go to the zoo. But to shoot them and then 'send them in'?
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    Illegally introduced, so who ever released them in the first place committed a criminal offence?


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    Possibly just law abiding.

    it is perfectly legal to shoot a beaver outside of the Knapdale population which are protected as officalially released, but it is illegal to handle a dead 1.
    So doing the 3 S's would make sense u would be breaking the law by handling it.

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    Who said it was a Scot ��

    i agree, not the best way to handle this but what else are people to do? Scot Gov are sitting on their hands with this. If it's not sorted at Gov level soon, more of this will happen....

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    clearly the Minister will have to decide on their status,
    like fur bearing game, (or vermin?)
    close seasons, methods of control etc.( I suggest March to September.)

    The main issue of the report was emotive as usual,
    poor furry beavers, orphaned kits, killing pregnant females etc.

    yes another bandwagon for the antis to jump on

    .........perhaps if beaver hats became fashionable.
    ...Beavers are edible.... Beaver tail is supposed to be a delicacy.?

    but probably, wait and see...make no hasty decisions
    delay another three years

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    why all the fuss?
    how many pregnant foxes, rabbits or muntjac get shot every year?

    the beaver are not protected, no close season exists, no crime has been committed by either the person doing the shooting (outside of the protection habitat) or the person sending in the body for further investigation.
    The scheme is being run in part by the zoo so returning "their" beaver to them seems logical to me.

    another non-story by the BBC IMO!

    all this talk of beaver is making me hungry!

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    Exactly my thoughts bewsher a non story spun into a head line

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    Quote Originally Posted by shakey jake View Post
    Exactly my thoughts bewsher a non story spun into a head line

    + 1 And has not helped by being linked to here,

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    For Gods sake - don't tell her how much I've spent

    Ctrl-Alt FACT

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    Wait to the wolves are put down on the ground, and the others the S.N.P want to turn loose in Scotland. SCOTTISH ZOO COMES TO MIND in Edindburgh and the rest of scotland

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