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Thread: I know an archery vid but please look at it and and learn

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    I know an archery vid but please look at it and and learn

    Here is is a 15 y/o totally falling into non-hunters clutches.
    What a tw*t. it was too far thats it"""
    What a tough animal they really are.
    I am a bit ashamed by this. But felt it had to be shown.


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    unbelievable, on every level.

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    Really so let's look at it, the first shot the deer hears the arrow release and turns, the arrow takes a tab of skin off, the hunter waits and the deer returns, he waits 30mins and then makes a good shot, you will notice the deer turns at the second shot as well, so what have we learn,t, the bow may need more damping, strings waxing etc, no problem with distance.

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    Taff there clearly was a problem with the distance and his kit and ability otherwise that deer would have been grassed. As you say, the deer clearly reacted to the first shot, If the strings needed waxing, bow damping etc etc , why did he take a second shot if he has a problem with his gear?
    The point Bavarian makes about this playing to the anti brigade is a good one, and its not helped by the guy using captions like "never did find him" and that he will continue "bow hunting him during gun season"
    Now of course everyone makes mistakes, hopefully there are lessons for him to learn from this, I would hope certainly from his parent/mentor . one being to think carefully before posting on the internet!

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    well with a HV bullet at 3,000ft/sec deer doesn't
    hear you shoot and cannot dodge the bullet.
    But they can still move or twitch whilst you are squeezing the trigger.

    notice how the buck lowers its body before fleeing.

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    The mistake is from a young person OK, but that he posted on the tube this is for me beyond the pale. His father should give him the waxing for that.

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    +1 there seems to be urge to live your life through the media.
    Last edited by Taff; 01-02-2016 at 09:24.

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    Sad bu**ers most youngsters today staring at those displays must be a lonely existence but they all seem to be enslaved by it all.
    I am so grateful to have been born and lived most of my life in the pre digital casatrophe era.

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    id say 40yds is a bit far by the looks of it for him and his kit , also being wounded then all bets are off! get out with a rifle and despatch the poor thing.

    I have no problem with bow hunting by the way.
    Right where's those stones , I'll start !

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    what you see there is a deer jumping the string, if it had been a windy day the deer would have been perfectly shot having not heard the release. It's very disappointing to see people upload such videos or deer being wounded, but we have all made bad shots or mistakes.... whether inexperience or something else

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