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    hi everyone

    i would just like to introduce myself as a new member. i have been reading articles on this this forum for quite a while and have found it very intersting.

    i am fairly new to stalking but already addicted, i an attending my leval 1 next week at cirencester and was wondering if any one else from this ste is attending?

    thanks in advance musty

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    Welcome Musty,
    Good luck with your DSC1. I am sure you will do just fine.

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    Hi Musty,

    I'm quite new to the stalking scene and also to this forum. I'm on the DSC1 course in Cirencester too. Look forward to meeting you there!


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    Hi Musty,
    Welcome to the site. It looks like you have made your first contact already with Sp4rkman. Good luck on the DSC1 and don't worry too much about it, I'm sure you will pass with flying colours!

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    Good luck to you and Sp4rkman.
    Just take your time and think twice before acting as one of the guys as said on a different thread.
    Tendency on the event I was on was for people to rush and try and get it over with as fast as possible.
    You all stay till the last as finished anyway.


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    Welcome Musty, and good luck to both of you on the course. One tip for the stalk, if you get the assessor to hold your wallet whilst you are having a tug on the hip flask, you are bound to fail .

    Just relax and take your time, this game is not a race, remember that and you will be fine.


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    Hi Musty

    Good luck with your dsc1.
    I was due to take mine in 2 weeks but it's been cancelled!!(not enough attending)
    Look forward to reading your posts



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    welcome musty
    good luck with your level1
    look forward to hearing how you got on and any other of your stalking experiences
    good luck aswell sp4rkmanyou will enjoy it

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    hi musty.. i am also a stalking newbie and new to this forum.. i passed my level 1 a couple of weeks back, great course i really enjoyed it and would recomend it to anyone.. my course content was hugely informative but above all was fun.. enjoy your course and good luck...

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