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Thread: 25cal bullets.

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    25cal bullets.

    For sale due to change of calibre.

    283 115g nosler hunting ballistic tips #sold##.
    5 boxes plus 33 in a open box.
    18 a box # price drop 15#

    10 for the part box ****part box sold*******

    100 hornady 117g interlocks #2552 18 ***sold****

    62 Sierra Gamekings 117g. 15 # price drop 10#

    There will be around 100+ once fired Norma brass cases and 32 unfired cases too. Once I've been through some bits. I'd like 65 for the once once fired brass

    We we are planning on being at the shooting show on the Saturday for collection.

    Atb matt
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    How much you lucking for each brand

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    Quote Originally Posted by TonyC View Post
    How much you lucking for each brand
    thats a really good point I'll edit my post now. Thanks

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    PM'd you

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    Once fired brass all sold.
    Thanks matt

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    Have you seen my PMs about meeting at the show on Saturday morning, there has been no response since we arranged the purchase

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    Found some more brass today, 50 cases of Norma once fired, cleaned in a tumbler, in a bullet box 35 posted.

    Atb matt

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