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Thread: Quiet centrefire?

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    Quiet centrefire?

    This may be a stupid question/query. But is there any centrefire for foxing worth looking at that would be noticeably quieter than any other? With a moderator of course. I mean would say a .222/.223 be quieter than .243/6.5 or not much in it? I was after something I can shoot around the sheep at lambing time that may not disturb thing so much?

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    17 hornet - way quieter with the right mod than a deer cal.

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    If you reload try reloading one of your existing cf calibres down to subsonic?

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    Smallest bore possible running the least amount of powder possible. So the 17 Hornet would likely be pretty quiet.
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    .222 with a decent mod doesn't seem any louder than a .22lr with h/v rounds , I have used mine around sheep fields and lambs with no ill effects.

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    Why not load down one of your current calibers ?

    Or use a hyper velocity in a .22

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    One of the 17 centrefires are considerably quieter than any of the larger calibres with the right mod, I have a 17 fireball it is my go to fox rifle especially this time of year shooting in and around sheep, it's not just the noise but they hardly ever exit making them far safer than the larger centrefires especially when close to livestock.

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    I find the 17 Remington to be quiet with an appropriate small calibre mod and is fox capable to 200 yards

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    ive never heard a 17 hornet go off but i know my .22 hornet is very quite to be honest tho unless youve got some sort of major fox problem and your going to be letting the rifle loose alot for the odd bang around the sheep i would just stick with what ever rifle your using

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