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Thread: S&w m&p15-22 faulty

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    S&w m&p15-22 faulty

    I bought a brand new smith and Wesson m&p15-22 last week for a bit of fun at the range. I've had to take it back to the gunshop for repairs already because the pistol grip fell off in my hand whilst fireing! It's had 300 rounds through it since I took it out of the box last Monday. The bolt which holds the pistol grip on has just come out and won't re tighten due to the threads being shredded. Unfortunately the thread that the bolt screws into is straight into the lower which is made of polymer. Yes, I could lock tight it or have it re tapped but this shouldn't be the case for a new gun that cost 600 should it. Also the spring which puts tension on the safety selector is retained by the pistol grip so it may even be a safety issue. To top it all off, the lower is the numbered part of the firearm. This means that if s&w decide to give me a new gun I will have to put a like for like variation in to my licensing dept which will take months. Nightmare!

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    Can you still do that at the range in the UK?
    Maybe I emigrated by mistake over this pistol ban issue.

    The polymer is likely to be of an ABS base material as Polyurethane is too weak in tensile strength for this role.
    A very careful bore out of the stripped threads is called for if you intend to repair it and then you add a suitable brass threaded insert which are manufactured specially for this purpose (a tight push fit of the insert is needed into the hole then add heat from a small soldering iron to the brass insert to melt it into the plastic grip which flows around the knurled outer surface of the insert to get a bombproof fix. This costs too much to do on an assembly line but as a one-off fix it will work. Takes the gun out of warranty though.
    PM me with your address and I will send you a few if you decide to risk it.

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