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Thread: A simple Q.

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    A simple Q.

    Should all the adverts for the Army, Navy and Air Force on TV that offer gullable kids a great and exiting future in the forces show a more balanced picture of reality of what they will face? Maybe a health warning at the bottom stating you may be killed or diabled and your kit will be unsuitable even when in combat?

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    An interesting point.
    I would hope that anyone joining the forces would already have an idea of the risks they are likely to encounter, but maybe not in all cases?

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    The new adverts are now using reverse psychology.( this has been done as their plans for a massive recruitment in the TA has failed to come true)

    so if the older adverts confused or mislead them then this will really mess with their heads,

    and now that we can fit the entire army in Wembley ........ It's a sad day.

    as they say, back in the day when I joined, you knew very quickly what you have signed up for, it can't fall at the feet of the MOD if a soldier dies in the line of duty, but there will always be questions such as.

    for what reason.
    was the kit good enough.
    was the training good enough.
    should he/she be there in the first place,

    as as we all have seen heard and read about, you only have to be at deepcut in the uk to suffer a fatal bullet wound.and that young girl never even seen combat.

    really sad and I hope the truth comes out.

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    Don't think that would do much for recruitment though would it? Anyhow, it is an exciting life and the chances of being killed or disabled remain fairly slim. The kit is actually now very good. One good thing that comes out of conflict such as Afghanistan is that new kit is sourced to fulfil operational requirement. Life is unfortunately fatal, so you just have to make the best of it whilst you can?

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    I was once successful in applying for a front line role in the armed forces. Various circumstances prevented me from beginning my career, but in the selection interviews I was clearly and directly asked:
    "How do you feel about the risks to your life and health?"
    "How do your family and friends feel about it?"
    "How do you feel about having to kill somebody if the need arises?"
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    I just wish I'd fully contemplated the length of time I'd be on the reserve list when I joined - and the fact that they were allowed to raise it!

    Kit isn't half bad now after recent dust up's and you'd have to be a pretty inept youth to not understand what you're getting yourself into (good and bad) - the worst of it is the crap they have to live in whilst in the UK - the whole estate is crumbling and falling into disrepair!
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    You don't watch an advert and then next day find yourself dressed head to toe in khaki thinking "**** how did I get here?" When I joined it was quite a long process with plenty of chances to opt out whilst being fully informed of the circumstances you were going into.

    i agree with monkey spanker, it is an exciting life with opportunities to do plenty of stuff that people outside the services would never get a chance to do.

    i also concur with Hereford, they were temporarily putting prisoners into barracks in the eighties due to space shortages and my barracks was deemed unfit for them, I however had the privelidege to pay to stay there!

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    22 years in and 2 to push, the army isn't what it once was with all the penny pinching, but.......... you stand just as much risk being injured on a construction site these days, we still have to conform to all the usual H&S regs, kit is a million times better than when i 1st joined, the mentality of people these days are unlike the past and risks are taken in to account for everything you do, thats why we have combined arms rather than just going in gung ho!
    How many people get injured in DIY accidents, falling from roofs etc.

    No greater risk than anything else, plenty of good opportunities for sport and adventurous training, plenty of shooting, do they do that in a civilian job?

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    Meet interesting people and kill them?
    I have a mate who went in as a junior leader, now he is 49 and he told me on my house telephone line after a 1.5 hour moaning session that he plans to top himself on his 50th as life has not worked out for him wife left him and took the kids, pretty usual lifes troubles.
    I cannot trace him back as `my phone does not show incoming calls and he is not living in the UK.
    Was it the army that messed him up? he was only stationed in NI & Germany.
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