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Thread: Zeroing in the wind

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    Zeroing in the wind


    Im going out later in the week but need to check zero (probably rezero) my 222 as i had to take the scope out of the mounts to perform some work.

    The next few days are pretty windy (15mph+) which doesn't look good for zeroing (1inch high at 100). What are my options?

    iStrelok says a 15mph side wind (90degrees) will affect my poi by 2inches, so do i just zero and then click 2 inches over? If the wind is blowing with or against the bullet it doesn't seem to affect the zero too much? Is that correct? I have a wind meter i can use to try and gauge an accurate reading.

    Is this my best chances? Or does anyone here know some trajectory voodoo to make this easy?


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    See what your app says for 30 yards for example .5 high at 30 yards with a 100 yard zero. zero to that and cross check at 100

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    Don't bother.

    It's extremely difficult to measure wind speed accurately enough to make the right corrections, without a wind speed meter.

    But that's not the biggest problem. You will not be shooting consistently: the wind will be buffeting you all over the place. It's almost impossible to maintain a consistent hold and point of aim with wind over about 15 mph.

    If you're just wanting to check vertical zero, and you're not worried about grouping or lateral zero, you might get away with it. But otherwise it really is a waste of time. You'll shoot a lot of rounds that go all over the place and go home with no confidence that you have any idea what your true zero is.

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    Quote Originally Posted by gr1ffer View Post
    See what your app says for 30 yards for example .5 high at 30 yards with a 100 yard zero. zero to that and cross check at 100
    I deal with wind all the time here so I zero 1/4" low at 50M and adjust for elevation at 100.~Muir

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    It's a bit like p!ssing in the wind - not worth it!
    For Gods sake - don't tell her how much I've spent

    Ctrl-Alt FACT

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    if it's an improvised personal range can you zero from both ends (ie shoot back from targets) and take the middle of the windage?
    Right where's those stones , I'll start !

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    Zeroing is to set a base line, ideally done with no wind. I would not waste my time and ammo doing it in windy conditions. However I do sometimes practice shooting in windy conditions to get a "handle" on the effects

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    Shoot into or downwind and it won't affect it!
    If you are an inch high at 100m, then you also have 2 points of true zero either side, probably around 50m where the bullet passes up through the line of sight and again at about 150m where it drops back down to line of sight. If you can calculate the closest one use that to zero at into wind preferably and you should be sorted. It's a good distance to know anyway for a space limited check zero with minimal environmental effect.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Monkey Spanker View Post
    Shoot into or downwind and it won't affect it!
    personal choice would be wind behind as it tends to have left lift depending on the terrain

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    is there an indoor range you could zero at?

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