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Thread: Recommend me a cap to keep the winter sun out of my eyes!

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    Recommend me a cap to keep the winter sun out of my eyes!

    As above! For some reason I can't make my mind up on what to buy, so any recommendations appreciated.

    There is a possibility I'm overthinking this!

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    I have a deerhunter cap, which, as with the one takbok has reccomended is waterproof. It makes a heck of a difference having a waterproof cap if you get caught in a shower, you have none of the unpleasantness of having to continue wearing a sodden cotton cap or face having the sun back in your eyes by taking it off.

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    A peak to keep the sun out of your eyes and a flap at the back to keep the wind out of your lugs if required:
    Attachment 66133

    Range of colours - sizes tend to come up larger than normal.

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    I've got a Harkila pro hunter cap that you need a mortgage to buy. It's good, but you have to get the right size as its not the adjustable type. Also have an old Musto camo cap, not for all occasions of course but it has the drawstring adjustment and if you are out in Storm Henry or whatever you won't lose it. Bought my son a nice Musto cap for Christmas, waterproof, adjustable and has a small lanyard on the back that clips to the back of the collar so even if blown off, it's still there. Obviously from their sailing clothes lineup, but it's a suitable green colour and he really likes it. Reasonable price too. Have a search on the 'bay if that appeals.

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    surely it's got to be a deerstalker?

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    Just bought the new Seeland waterproof baseball cap, about a tenner, very good for the price. Olive green too.

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    Quote Originally Posted by takbok View Post

    ha this is identical to the harkila version but less than half the price!!

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    Got one of these for Xmas really liking it for sitting up, similar to above, very warm, waterproof and windproof so not so good for really active stalking or as things warm up.

    Waterproof Fleece Lined Cap | Gifts By Activity | MUSTO

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    There is an alternative!
    I've got the Harkila Pro Hunter cap, but they do fit a bit snug! Get a size bigger than you think you need. Very warm and waterproof as well.

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