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Thread: Blaser barrel question

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    Blaser barrel question


    i have ordered a blaser R8 .270 and an atec moderator to go with it. I have the choice of a standard or compact barrel. Can anyone advise whether a compact barrel will be OK in .270 or should I stick with the standard, I'm thinking about overall length/balance of the set up but also whether a shorter barrel will stabilise OK in.270??

    many thanks

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    If you want a nice compact rifle go for the shorter barrel. I'm sure deer won't notice the difference. People do tend to get excited about anything less than 24" for .270 but if you look at the actual velocity loss from 24" to 20" or so it's only probably 150fps.

    Here's some food for thought:

    What happens when you shorten a barrel? - Shooting UK

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    I would have to disagree with takbok ,the blaser system because of the bolt barrel lock up generally is more compact anyway than the normal bolt action by about 3 inches.
    My r93 308 win has a match barrel just short of 25 inches yet overall it is no longer than a tikka t3 with a standard 22 inch barrel. I also have another rifle in 308win a twenty inch 308 barrel, this has considerably more felt recoil and muzzle blast. I haven't had a 270 win yet (but next on the list to try), just wonder if it manages to burn all the power in a 20.5 compact barrel?

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    If you want a short barrel, get a 308, if you want a 270, go for the the full length barrel.

    As above, a Blaser is 3-4" shorter than a conventional rifle for any given barrel length.

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    Just on the mod, if it's the Blaser badged Atec, just be aware that I had that one and had to take it back, couldn't get it to group at all. Turned out the bullets clipped the baffles! Thought it was a one off until the same thing happen to a buddy of mine, he had to return his as well! Apparently not sitting square onto the barrel shoulder when screwed on???!!
    I've not heard of this happening since, so hey?

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    Thanks folks for the replies, much appreciated.

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    Does anyone know how much lighter the shorter Blaser barrel would be?


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