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Thread: New brass

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    New brass

    After some new brass in .243 ! Where's the best place to get some ? Seen 100 lapua for 70, any better deals than that about cheers

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    Buy some Geco - it's as cheap as chips and the brass is RWS and is very good for reloading.

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    You can't reload for the price difference between good factory brass and decent factory rounds.

    I'd buy a 100 rounds of decent European ammo, shoot it up and then reload the once fired brass.

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    Lapua is expensive but seems to last well. Primer pockets can be very tight at first in my experience. Don't underestimate ppu brass. Cheap to buy and seems to reload very nicely.

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    as above, buy some good factory, fire it and reload it, also you can start by replicating the speed and weight of the factory ammo as a starting point.and 70 notes for a 100x 243 brass sounds very expensive.

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    Some good advice above. Neither of my 243's like Geco, but I'd buy a hundred rounds of Norma or RWS factory fodder and take it from there. That said, I find no fault with PPU brass and if factory ammunition doesn't appeal to you, I don't think that PPU brass would be a waste of money....

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    For me Lapua is the first option over Lapua there are Norma, RWs and as Cambsman sayd PPU

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