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    seat covers

    Can anyone recommend some seat covers for my hilux ...i do a lot of shooting ,fishing and also tree surgery so need aomething heavyweight and waterproof looking for fitted /tailormade ones rather than general fit ...only front seats for now

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    Toyota Front Seat Covers - Titan Covers

    Tough as boots. Waterproof.

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    I asked the same last year, following advice I too went with Titan. A year almost to the day, I must say I am impressed. They are not a perfect fit on my seat, but they were not the price of a full custom set, I am happy for what I paid. I guess it depends on your car model to how close they fit.

    Recommended Car Seat Covers?

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    Try Turtle fitted seat covers.

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    Have a look at Over The Top.Car Seat Covers & Boot Liners - Over The Top
    They made some for my Amarok.....Very impressed

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    Second the turtle covers, I have a full set, brilliant, fit perfectly, don't move around etc, and not too pricey for the quality and comparative market, I would have them again for any vehicle I own. The Mrs bought some different ones (much cheaper) and whilst they are doubtless bombproof they also make me sweat like billio! Turtle covers all day long for me.
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