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Thread: Blaser screw cutting

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    Blaser screw cutting

    Just throwing this one out to you lads in the know. A friend has recently purchased an R8 profesional and is claiming that not many gun/riflesmiths are willing to take on screw cutting these barrels as the steel is "too hard" ?
    Is there any truth in this statement? Or is he showing his inexperience/ just bull-crapping?
    I have no experience with Blaser rifles myself so haven't got the foggiest.

    ATB Lee

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    I have also heard this mentioned.
    There are however many screw cut Blasers.

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    I'm also of the belief that they are a hard steel , but this shouldn't cause any problems to a competent smith

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    Speak to Wallace McCrea at Turnright Galloway, he has screwcut lots of Blasers. he done two Blaser barrels for me with spigots and thread caps, highly recommended.

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    A local gun smith to me also owns a machine shop. I believe they screw cut Blaser rifles for the factory .Give them a call ,they are very helpful.
    Raker ltd 01428 708102

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    Go to Brock and Norris near Telford ish. Trade members on here. He just did a recrown and screcut on my blasers and what a stunning job and we'll priced

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    Thanks for the replies gents.
    ATB Lee

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