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Thread: Where have the foxs gone?

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    Where have the foxs gone?

    Well last night I thought Sod it I am going out. Anyway it was dry for once but blowing very hard.

    I decided to walk arround a local farm which we haven't shot for ages but have seen foxs crossing over the last few weeks.

    Surprisingly the ground under foot was quite dry and in 2 hrs all I saw was about a dozen rabbits and 5 roe, in fact with the aid of the themal and a very stiff breeze I stalked to within 25 yds of the roe which was good and I didn't spooke them. Everything seemed to be on the Lee ward side of thick hedges but the rabbits were v v twitchy. I didn't see or even hear a fox.

    Never mind the exercise did me good and one day I might get a fox with my .204.

    Intend to get out again this even just hope the wind moderates a liitle.


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    You want to head down to Hampshire, loads of them around hehe!

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    Just make sure that you use the right call:

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    Contrary to popular belief Foxe's do not like the wind.

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    Out again last night 2 hours walking around 2 farms not a fox seen or heard, we can't of shot them all but this is difficult to believe. Nice cold night slight breeze idea conditions. never mind, looks like tonight will be infront of log burner if the forecast turns out to be correct.


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    Well - the matriarchal vixens will be below ground looking after their cubs, so that alone will cut the numbers down considerably, but in line with your general sentiment, I agree - we're also really struggling to find foxes at the moment. Having taken 385 out of this area since Jan 1st last year, however, I guess that's not too surprising!

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    Yes thats what I also thought we did hear a bit of calling early in the year( by that Nov 2015) but none at normal times about x mas and later.

    Paddy I hope to call in on you about 5pm Thursday eve on route to Devon. Have the kettle on!!


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    Quote Originally Posted by Cyres View Post
    Paddy I hope to call in on you about 5pm Thursday eve on route to Devon. Have the kettle on!!

    Will do (by the way, we're quite a long way into Devon)!

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