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Thread: Guilded Fallow Stalking - Devon

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    Guilded Fallow Stalking - Devon

    Ross is the latest client to cull his first deer. Very accurate shot from quad sticks taking the beast broadside on. Hoping to post his story and feedback shortly.

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    Stalking fees

    Prices shown are per animal

    75.00 per person (approx 2-3 hours) to shoot one cull animal. No Kill Fee!

    Fallow – Prickets and Does (Does from 1st November)


    Fallow Bucks - in excess of one single point 175
    Representative head showing palmation 350
    (Even if you shoot a medal head the price will remain no more than the prices stated above)


    2 per round (Includes all rounds used during any shooting assessments)

    Estate rifle



    Individual insurance can be provided at a cost of 25 for the outing period, this must be in place in advance before the outing commences.


    Should you wish to take your venison home and want it skinned before you depart, a fee of 20 will be added to the overall balance.


    Clients wishing to have their carcasses butchered and vacuum packed can do so but must discuss this before stalking commences. Fees will vary depending on the clients needs.
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    Phil R showing us how its done with his first Fallow Doe.

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    Feedback from Ross as he is not on the SD. Taken from FB group - Devon Stalking

    "I had an awesome time on Saturday afternoon on one of Carl's guided stalks. We saw a herd of Fallow no more than 10 minutes after leaving the truck! In amongst the group was an incedible looking Master Buck, and having never actually seen Fallow before, I would have gone home happy after seeing this even if I didn't get a shot off. We were unfortunatly in the wrong place to stalk into these, so I had to wait a little longer and find a different animal.
    The most important thing to me is that I didn't just shoot a deer. I learn't about spotting signs of deer, what sort of area to look in, and how to gralloch and prepare a carcass in a way that it can be used for food. I have plenty to practice, and a lot to learn!
    I would highly recomend to any fellow novices to do something similar. Cheers Carl."

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