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Thread: Dog insurance

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    Dog insurance

    Hi All

    We have a GSP puppy that I hope will become a deer stalking companion.

    What do people recommend for pet insurance ? I've been looking at Pet Plan, Kennel Club and BASC/Agria.

    Any thoughts or recommendations would be welcome.


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    pet plan are crap my gwp is insured basc/agria

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    Well this is bound to be controversial but after 35 years of of owning all manner of working dogs (lurchers, terriers, whippets etc.) I have never insured one dog. At one point I had 2 lurchers and 3 terriers all working 5 days and nights a week. I don't know what the cost of insuring one dog would be but I know that I am definitely better off for not insuring. However I have always made sure that I had cash to pay for any vet fees. Also I don't bother vaccinating on a yearly basis. Give them the first coarse of vac. as pups. That's all. I would however have 3rd party insurance as you get with C.A. and BASC.

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    When I had spaniels I tried insurance I could only find insurance for pet dogs at sensible money as soon as I mentioned working them they said it would invalidate it even if not paid didn't seem worth the hassle after that

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    Pet plan have been good with my gwp. Had a branch go into her shoulder before Christmas, stitched up gone septic, drain in then another big op and they have covered everything. No issues changed vets mid way and they have settled everything

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    I decided to go with BASC / Agria. Price is reasonable compared with others, covers long term problems if the occur and ok with him working.

    Thanks for all your thoughts.

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    Also with basc, hope to never need them, my dog has a barb wire fetish tho :s

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    It is, of course a lottery. Those that provide pet insurance do so to make money. Consequently you are, on average, going to pay more in insurance than you will if you just pay your vet bills.

    You also have to consider that there will be an excess. So the majority of vets bills, for every day ailments, lotions and potions won't be covered, or you'll get a pittance because the bill is just a bit more than the excess. So it's probably not worth claiming and watching your insurance go up next time. You also won't be covered for anything your dog has already been diagnosed with, although hopefully with a pup that'll not apply.

    I've owned 5 dogs (5 years into no. 6) and I know I'm streets ahead with no insurance. There have been a few big bills. A bitch had an hysterectomy and another had ear problems that ended up being operated on, but that's about it. However - there is the possibility that your dog may need some awfully expensive treatment and the insurance may give you peace of mind, especially if that day comes and finding that money may be hard. You pays your money, you takes your choice.

    Anyway, as you probably have gleaned, I really can't help in deciding which would be the best. But I do hope your puppy gives you lots of joy and becomes a good worker. And has a fit and active life.

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    I insured one dog all his life and never made a claim until the one day that life or death surgery came about when he was 12. He lived for a few days post op but then died. The bill was 4000. I made a claim and recovered a substantial amount through Pet Plan. I got back the equivalent to what I paid over his life time.

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    I have my boy with M&S, never had to make a claim so far.

    There are three views on any kind of insurance
    1. I have to have it - i.e. car or house and I will take the cheapest policy possible.
    2. I pay it so I will make every claim I can - then I comp[lain when premiums go up.
    3. Insurance is there for when I really need it, big car accident, house fire/burglary/flood, major vet bill. Premiums stay low as I have very few claims.

    However there is no loyalty in the insurance industry No Claims Discounts are just that but there are very few (NFU Mutual being one) that gives a discount for sticking with the same company. In this weird business model companies spend vast amounts attracting new business via advertising and new business discount, but leak customers at renewal - it's a pain but learn to become an insurance whore and hawk around at every renewal

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