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Thread: 1st of the year

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    1st of the year

    After what must be nearly ten stalks this year I managed to connect this evening. The ground is difficult to stalk as there is a lot of dense plantation with very little open space, seriously hampering efforts to find deer in shootable positions.
    I've been watching one block of forestry for the last week, it has a lovely wide ride where power lines cut through the patch. The ride slopes uphill and can be seen from the other side of the valley, on fine dry evenings I have spied roe out feeding from this view point.
    Tonight was the third attempt to shoot them, 1st time I clumsily bumped a doe on my approach, last night I watched a nice Buck, a doe appeared 300m along the ride but with fading light and a buck 60m in front there was no way to close the distance.
    This evening I spied 3 deer on the ride, the wind was perfect to approach from the southern end so I made a brisk walk up the track then along the edge of the trees at right angle to the ride, confident of not being heard. I went into stalking mode 50m from where the ride begins, then at the corner I edged forward with the binos. Result! Two deer still feeding in the open about 100m away, both does, and another in the trees at the edge.
    I sat in the wet grass with rifle on sticks splayed wide in front of me, this low position being steadier than a standing shot, and enabling me to shoot under the low branches of the young oak concealing me.
    The two deer moved slowly across the ride, by now I was sure ones a buck kid, but it didn't matter as the doe was broadside with the grass ride rising away behind her, you couldnt ask for a better presented target. I steadied my aim, rolled the safety off and sent the 308 round away, a big smack and she hit the grass on the spot. I reloaded and readied myself in case another deer offered me a chance, suddenly the place erupted and at least 7 deer bolted across in front of me away into cover!
    I knew there was a buck and a doe with two followers in the area but will have to slightly revise my estimate of numbers in this block!
    The only animal to stop and look back was a rather startled young buck so I let the dust settle so to speak then approached the stone dead deer and got on with the necessary.
    A good result, a yearling doe taken at 120m, not the best shot, i was a few inches back on a small deer obliterating the liver, it was still an instant kill but no breakfast tomorrow 😊

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    Very nice write up. Well done.

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