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Thread: 1st go with Kydex

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    1st go with Kydex

    Received a Mora 5" curved boning knife from Monarch as part of a deal the offered on here with a bone saw - thanks Monarch great deal.

    The only thing I was not keen on was that it did not come with a protective sheath as it is really sharp and I want to keep it that way when putting it away in the draw.

    Read about Kydex on here so thought I would give it a go. Read up and watched tube vids and saw two ways of using kydex both simple but one used expensive kit.

    I chose this method

    I used an A4 2mm sheet, cutting out 1 corner so it did not cover some of the handle but so it had plenty of overlap.

    Placed the sheet in an oven on a metal tray at 180 deg C and 'cooked' for around 7 mins till well floppy.

    I prepared, near the oven on a chair, a cutting board covered with 2 layers of twin wall cardboard (from a cardboard box) the knife and an old tea towel. The cardboard because I wanted some give under the knife, the board as I did not want too much.

    I placed the hot Kydex (using leather gloves) on the cardboard, positioned the knife, folded the kydex over, covered with the tea towel, pushed the kydex down around the handle as best I could, then sat on it for a couple of minutes to allow it to cool and harden again.

    Then I simply Dremmelled it into shape (best done outside in old clothes as very messy) and smoothed off.

    Then drilled 3 holes to take the rivets (fleabay item 311501921642 in 4mm, it was either a 3mm or 3.5mm drill bit - sorry cannot remember).

    One plus is that where the Kydex is folded over at the sharp end there is a small triangular hole - ideal for letting out the water when washing.

    The one thing that I would do differently is to buy a bigger sheet as I did not have enough length to create an integral belt loop from the Kydex. I will use another rivet and the off cut to do this. I am also going to fold the offcut and put into the dishwasher first to make sure that Kydex is dishwasher proof as no one seems to mention this.

    The finished item:

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    NOt bad for a first go and you have a functioning practical sheath

    you can Dishwash Kydex but not too hot or it will relax and lose the shape (will do this if you leave it in the Windscreen of a car on a warm day

    and not lots (ie not every day )

    if you make a belt loop out of 2mm kydex make it out of a separate piece and bolt it on as it will eventually crack and fail over time
    3mm is a better option but best is a pre made belt attachment like a tek lok etc



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    That a nice first attempt D1mr0d. I made several similar one`s myself out of kydex for different knives over the years.
    One thing I did find is that you will need to wipe your blade every time with a disposable cleaning wipe before replacing into the kydex sheath.
    Or it will soon contaminate the inside of the sheath and become very difficult if not near impossible to de contaminate it successfully.
    The kydex forms very tight around the blade giving a good positive tight fit.
    Which in turn results in a right b4stard to clean after every successful outing even with an outlet at the bottom of the sheath.
    I found even with aggressive cleaning I`d replace the knife and then remove only to find traces of fat on the blade.
    I now make scabbards out of plumbers white polypipe off cuts.

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    Thanks for the help guys really appreciated.

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