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Thread: Water bottle for a larsen trap

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    Water bottle for a larsen trap

    Iwas wondering if anyone could tell me if those water bottles with a metal tube attached that you use in pet rabbit/ guinea pig etc cages are any good in a larsen. I was wanting to use a more efficient method than the milk carton with a hole in the side I've been using up to now.


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    I use them every year with no problems. I prefer them to an open container, because there's no way any muck can get into the water.

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    I just use a small can fixed in the corner with a cable tie. If you feed raw tripe, they don't drink anything.

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    Have a look at poultry drinkers flea bay,get x2 for pennies that fit the end of coke bottles,

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    Thanks chaps - just what I needed.


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