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Thread: Tikka 595/T3 comparison.

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    Tikka 595/T3 comparison.

    Hi All,

    following on from the Tikka "to re-barrel or not" thread,
    I have a 595 in 243cal and have weighed the barrel, action and bolt together, at approx 5lb 4oz.
    Can anybody tell me what the T3 version weighs in at ?

    many thanks, Tedward.

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    Around 6lbs for the plastic stocked versions.

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    22.5-inch barrel T3 Lite ( non-magnum, as sold in the USA) is about 6 lbs 3 oz, for a 7mm-08, a little less for a .30-06, a little more for a .223 Rem, due to difference in chamber and bore sizes. If I remember correctly, from taking it off, the stock alone is about 28 ounces.

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    Many thanks Southern,
    so if my maths is right, a barrelled T3 action plus bolt, will weigh in the region of 4lb 8oz, - approx 3/4lb lighter than the equivalent 595.
    All those in agreement say "Aye",
    cheers, Tedward.

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    Im not quite so sure you may want to check out Tikkas own specs, i say this because the T3 action is longer and slightly thicker then the 595, so with the equivalent barrel the T3 will be heavier.


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    I'll throw the T3 bits on the scales tomorrow if I don't forget. have a 202 22-250 lying around that we use to bed.
    My guess is 2-2.2kg with mag and plastic bottom.

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    Ideal !
    - many thanks Edi, you're a star ! - dont forget to include the bolt,
    cheers, Tedward.

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    20" 22-250, bolt and trigger action screws = 1950 grams ~ 4.23lbs (no rail)

    Including mag and plastic trigger guard total = 2025 grams. ~4.45lbs

    4" of sporter barrel cut off a 24" barrel weighed around 130 grams.

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    Thanks for taking the time out to do that Edi - very much appreciated !
    - there truly is no substitute for fact.
    Now I only have to decide which way to go on the evidence provided,

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