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Thread: What meat /cuts for sausage's from the carcass

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    What meat /cuts for sausage's from the carcass

    Hi guys,

    Just butchered my 1st Fallow. I have jointed it all up, either steaks or various joints but have lots of off cuts from the rest of the carcass. I'm going to make my 1st venison sausages. But would be grateful for advice on the following 3 questions really.

    1, What meat /cuts for sausage meat from the carcass. Are the off cuts from behind front shoulders and the alike from rest of carcass that has sinew and fat in it ok or am I better deboning and mincing one/some of the joints ?

    2, How far should I go at removing the sinew and fat (both the external sinew, which was just under the skin and the inter layer sinew ? I.e get the meat as lean as possible.

    3, Similarly with the pork belly, I need to take the rind off but how much of the fat under the rind/skin should I take off. I.e all the way down to the meat and just rely on the fat running through the pork or leave some of the outer fat on.


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    charlieboy - its free style as you are the one who will eat them!
    1)any off cuts are fine for sausages, but try not to put the thicker sinew in. Even if it has gone through a mincer it can be tough. stuff like the connective tissues on the belly or from meat between the ribs is generally OK I find.
    2)keep all the fat of the pork, that's the reason for it really. Just put less in and rely on the venison meat for the meat portion. if you think how much fat is in a good sunday morning banger, its quite a lot!

    just what I do, experiment with two batches if you like and see what you think. also experiment with different herbs, pepper etc. its all good fun, and you'll be hard pressed to make a completely inedible sausage!

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    As above it is up to you, and your mincer, how much sinew you put through.

    I try and remove a lot of the sinew and membranes 1st and find that with a very sharp knife you can fillet around membranes and sinew, similar to how you'd fillet a fish. If you get the blade angle right you can lay the meat on a board push the blade along and the meat comes of and you are left with the sinew. I mince, flank, brisket, legs, sometimes whole shoulders and scraps that are left all go into the mince pile.

    It helps a lot if the meat to be minced is really cold before you mince it. You need some fat, the amount is up to you, so either add pork or suet or use good fat from the deer, smell and taste the deer fat 1st. If it doesn't smell or taste ok then it doesn't go in mince.

    I started doing this with a spong hand cranked mincer and the sinew just clogs it up so you soon learn. If you have a good electric mincer listen to it and if it doesn't like what you feed it stop before you burn it out.

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    If you have an electric mincer, bung the whole lot through twice. That's usually enough to get rid of the really stringy bits.....

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    I find its worth taking the time to remove all the sinew, the better thevquality of the meat you put in then the better the sausage. I mix the venison with about 25% pork belly but its all down to your personal taste

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    Shoulder, neck, intercostal (rib) are what i usually use along with belly pork.

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    I try to remove most sinew. I then add a bit of fat. I find that any of the leftover trimmings after I take the prime cuts are fine for sausages and burgers.

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