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Thread: Signs of Spring and Summer.

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    Signs of Spring and Summer.

    Daffodils have been out for weeks.
    Spotted my first frog spawn last Saturday.
    Removed first tick from dog last night.
    Is this a Cornwall thing or is global warming really happening?

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    Very mild if wet winter in these parts has kicked things off early - banana plant in the yard is starting to go and the small lemon and orange trees in the conservatory are in flower.

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    Snow on the hills and Baltic wind here.....Winter has just arrived here!

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    We had a ladybird in the house over the weekend, but I think it might have been transported in from the woodshed.

    The woodland floor is awakening with snowdrops, daffs and wild garlic starting to show.

    I have been removing ticks from my working cocker on a weekly basis all through the shooting season, so you have been lucky.

    ATB 243 Stalker.

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    I have daffs and snowdrops out, plum tree in back garden is in flower several weeks early and catkins are well out. Grass doesn't seem to have stopped growing and is very green so it could be an early and bumper 1st cut of silage. Foxs have seemed to vanished and roe bucks v well grown in velvet.


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    Well the sky was blue and the sun was shining and about 0c taday. about-7 now. no spring for us till April.

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    Primroses and crocuses (Croci?) out in garden. Flowering cherries are in bloom.......+11c this evening on the Sunny South Coast

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    We moved to the Spalding area last November from the Highlands, we think we have moved to the tropics! The grass has not stopped growing, we have had three frosts so far I think, saw some snow flakes flying about one day and that has been it. There has been quite a few sightings of a funny yellow thing in the sky though .

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    Lady birds aplenty in our house, just had some work done on the double glazing units, no idea where they were hiding.
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    Its been overall mild in England.
    and it is partly a Cornwall thing as well.
    Snowed in earlier this week in Scotland
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