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    Duck tape

    A young lad is walking down the lane dragging a roll behind him, he walks past old Jethro's house where the old man sticks his head out of his garden shed and asks the lad what he's got behind him. The lad tells him that it's a roll of duck tape and he's off duck hunting. The old boy laughs, shakes his head and potters off. An hour later, old Jethro's is amazed to see the boy wander back with at least twenty duck in a sack.

    The next day, the lad is walking back down the lane with a great big roll of wire under his arm, as he passes Jethro's, the old fella asks what he's up to. The lad tells him it's chicken wire and he's off to catch some chickens. Again, Jethro shakes his head laughing and tells the boy he's on a hiding to nothing. Some hous later, Jethro is disturbed from his afternoon nap by a huge commotion outside his house, as he goes out the door he is gobsmacked to see the young lad dragging atleast 20 yards of wire with masses of chickens stuck to it.

    A couple of days later, just as Jethro is making a cuppa, he spots the same lad through the kitchen window, the lad is dragging a long thin plant behind him. Jethro opens the window and shouts out to the boy, "now then lad, what's tha got there?" The youngster replies that it's a pussy willow..... "Hang on son" replies the old man, "I'll just get me hat".
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