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Thread: Savage model 16

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    Savage model 16

    Hi does anyone have any experience of the above? Seen one for sale, but all the online reviews seem very much love em or hate em!
    Would rather have some honest reviews from people

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    I have's also called the "weather warrior"...They are typical savage but in stainless. In other words, expect excellent accuracy and reliability but not beauty. If it's an accutrigger model, the trigger should be quite nice. Most of the older savage triggers were designed to be user adjustable and are pretty nice when properly adjusted (easy, but if you are not 100% confident, have a proper smith do it).

    The base level savage stocks are rather cheap and flimsy, though some are still pillar bedded which is nice. If it's got the blind magazine (no dropaway floor plate or removeable mag) it will be less convenient to unload.
    There are loads of upgrade parts available if you ever want to upgrade the stock, trigger etc. Also, the barrels are generally very easy to swap/replace.

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    Thanks for the reply, I'm not after beauty, just want something functional and accurate. The one I have seen is a accutrigger model, not sure which magazine it has, think it may be the blind one, I may go and see it then

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    Based on your stated interests, I think a savage would be a very viable option. I have owned 5 savages of that basic build model over many model years. No problem getting any to shoot MOA or better. Their barrel mount/headspace system and button rifled barrels have produced consistently accurate rifles at a reasonable price point for a long time, but as stated, there are more attractive rifles available and the basic stocks can feel quite cheap (easily replaced if desired). The savage shooters forum has bushel baskets of info if you are interested.

    Happy hunting!

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    I had a bvss varmint 223 12 series couldn't fault it accurate as anything out there and wish I kept it heavy though and very well made

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    Savage model 16

    Sounds like it could be worth a gander, online reviews always seem favourable to them, I think next up to choose is a scope to sit on top of it

    Thanks for the replies
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    I don't have a 16 but I have two Savage F-12's (6mmbr and 6.5-284). There are design features like the floating bolthead and adjustable headspace etc. that all add to excellent accuracy of Savage rifles.

    I would be quite disappointed if I shot a 5 shot group that was 1moa.

    These were my initial load development/running in targets. All 5 shot groups at 100yds. Shot on a windy days so a bit of lateral spreading.

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