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Thread: Culling out

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    Culling out

    Some of you may have noticed that several people have had their membership terminated recently by Admin.

    We seem to go through phases of people ignoring the site rules or terms and conditions. We also seem to have had a rash of key board warriors who for one reason or another deem it necessary to be abusive or take over a thread with uncalled for remarks. We have also had uncalled for comments on threads where someone has passed on (personally I think this is about as low as you can get).

    Members joining and not making a reasonable introduction, and then running up their post count just so they can place an advert is also something else we watch closely.

    Either way we are now taking a ZERO tolerance to any of the above and no second warnings.

    We want everyone to enjoy, learn, and make friends on this site, and over the years this has been very successful. But as we progress towards even larger numbers in our ranks we are finding that a few people are just joining to cause issues and this we will not tolerate.

    Thank you to everyone for your support of the site, there are some great people on here who have given a great deal to others and I know some very firm friendships have been made. I hope all of you have a great year in all that you do.

    Thank you

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    A sensible reaction to what was becoming in some instances a very unpleasant and at times slightly embarrassing situation. This is after all by definition a stalking site. It seemed at times as if it was being used for personal attacks and others were joining in just to keep the kettle boiling.
    It is a premier site that was in danger of changing into a bit of a battlefield!
    Well done Admin.

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    Malc, well done, as said we are about stalking, and related topics. I wholeheartly endorse your comments regarding the negative comments directed at people who have now passed away and do not deserve this sort of thing

    I really hope the actions taken by Admin will shame those who transgress the rules set for all


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    I was running a forum recently and found that folk looking for trouble were easily silenced as there were so many actions at the admins finger tips. The FB groups I run seem limited in that way. Ultimately, when you have thousands of users you will have clowns in town!

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    Thank you
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    Just a question. Among the other things you watch out for what is your position on people who seem to make comments just to get their signature displayed which advertises their business ? I have not noticed it on this site but perhaps it should be something to watch out for ? Or is this acceptable.


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    We are aware of some that try to trade via the back door, so to speak. The rules are there for everyone to read and take on board. People who transgress the rules by trying to trade without paying are given a warning and asked to conform. Otherwise it is unfair on those who do trade and pay. As you can understand we as owners of the site also have bills to pay to keep the site active, and have put a lot of our own time and money into improving the site.

    We also watch the classifieds to make sure we do not have people trading. Any serious trouble makers are also reported to other sites. I would also emphasise that the authorities also patrol and look in on these sites, and people should be aware that tracing trouble makers is far easier these days than it was in the past.
    All grades of deer stalkers/hunters in the UK and overseas catered for. Level 2 DMQ signing off available. Over 30 years experience in the stalking/hunting industry. For friendly and professional help go to


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    Thank you also.

    I have not been on here very long and was starting to question whether I would come back due to offensive replies being made on some threads. Especially to newcomers by so called 'old hats'.


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    well said sikamalc

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    Good show! I really like this site and enjoy being a part of it. I've learned a great deal and hopefully contributed a little. But it's sometimes hard to ignore when stuff is posted as you describe, sikamalc and it's easy to see how people can be drawn into commenting, which effectively prolongs the agony. So well done! I'm sure I'll continue to read and be educated and in my little way, hopefully contribute.

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