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Thread: Vortex 34mm rings

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    Vortex 34mm rings

    I have a set of the very nice vortex matched 34mm rings for sale. These are the .9"high ones. Lovely sleek design. I'd like 95 posted for these

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    Bump 90 posted

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    What barrel profile and objective did you have these for? I'm looking to mount a 56mm PM2 on a sporter profile

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    im after a set of 34mm vortex rings if the gent who asked about them isnt interested give me a nod cheers tricky1342.

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    Hi sorry I've not checked on this for a day or so. They were on my Remington varmint profile with a 3-20x50 pm2 there was about 3mm clearance so a sporter barrel "should" be ok I think

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    Thanks Danny.. I think the issue will be the clearance from the bottom of the scope body, below the turrets to the rail.. I'll pass on them after a bit of research and think they may not fit in my config. Thanks anyways

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