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Thread: Looking for butchers in Cheshire who would prepare carcass

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    Looking for butchers in Cheshire who would prepare carcass

    Hi, I'm a novice stalker hoping to get a bit of advice. I'm going on a guided Muntjac and CWD stalk in March and want to bring back the carcass for the freezer. I live near Chester and wondered if anyone knew any butchers in the area who would take and prepare a carcass for me? Cheers, John

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    I am not a butcher, but butcher an fair few deer in a year. I would happily go through butchering it with you and actually instruct you through doing it so that in the future you can do it yourself. It really is easy. No cost, just happy to help another stalker. I work in mold so not far away if you do not have the facilities to do it at yours you are more than welcome to come up to where I am furtehr up towards St Asaph and use my facilities.

    you may yet find someone closer but the offer is there.

    I just think if you are getting into stalking you would be best starting off by doing yor own carcasses, far cheaper and far more satisfying.

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    Good offer from stalker.308 but it's genuinely not that difficult to do yourself. If you've got somewhere you can hang it from for skinning then the rest you can do in the kitchen with a sharp knife. Good instructional videos for skinning and butchering on here and tons more on Youtube.

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    Hi Stalker.308, that's a very kind offer and one that I'd like to take up. I've got a place in the garage at home to hang the carcass (where the previous owner hung a punch bag) so I should be ok to go solo once I've learnt the ropes. But it would be good to see it done properly and get some tips. St.Asaph is in range so I will send you a PM nearer the time. My stalking trip is 8 March. Hoping I return with a deer or two in the boot. Thanks again, appreciated.

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    Thanks for the tips, I'll check out some of the videos online and along with some instruction from Stalker.308 I should be well on the way. Cheers

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