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Thread: Fallow and sheep?

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    Fallow and sheep?

    Hi all

    What effect if any does the introduction of grazing sheep and the obligatory electric fence have on Fallow behavior?
    On my usual patch the Fallow appear to be shying away from the normal locations, i understand that they do not like to graze the fields sheep are in or have grazed recently. However some of the areas i normally can expect to see them they are not frequenting. Is this due to the disturbance of the temporary electric perimeter as some of the area the sheep have not yet been moved on to.
    I would have thought the Fallow would just jump or run through the fencing?



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    I find the electric fencing doesn't bother them, they'll normally jump it if they can see it if it is the banded wire, the thinner string type wire I do more often find wrapped around deer. But yes I do find when the sheep are grazing they will not use the fields, prosbsbly just because the sheep graze it so bare, whereas often find deer in cattle fields.

    Personally I think its down to the availability of grass not just that sheep are there.

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    Ive always found fallow tend to steer clear as much as possible from ground being used by sheep , I wonder if more than the available grazing being the issue , as the deer seem to steer clear the minute the sheep are turned out , that the sheep sour the ground , I've found it can take two or three weeks for the deer to start using the fields again ..

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    Have found that here they will sometimes cross fields with low density of sheep to raid the beet put out for the sheep.

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    Hi all,

    I tend to agree with the statement that the Fallow disappear the minute the sheep are on the ground.
    I have seen them on the boundary but not on our land. A few horses on the neighboring land but no sheep!!
    Hopefully they wont be around too long!!
    I was thinking the fine electric wire sheep fence had upset them as it crosses there normal routes around a large copse. They have left a 5m margin around the field and the copses so there is transit and clean ground.
    I think i might take the highseat up there on the weekend and see if i can see any activity, rather than trying to stalk them whilst the sheep are in close proximity.

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    Anecdotally I rarely see deer where there are sheep..... Cattle, yes, horses, yes but once sheep appear the deer disappear, be that sika, fallow or roe!

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    I find that deer hate sheep but are fine with cows

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dorsettaff View Post
    Anecdotally I rarely see deer where there are sheep..... Cattle, yes, horses, yes but once sheep appear the deer disappear, be that sika, fallow or roe!
    Yes, I farm sheep and shoot pretty much all my fallow on the neighbours farm which is arable. The deer don't like the smell the sheep leave on the ground, and as others point out its several weeks before deer move into fields that we've moved the sheep off. I've seen one year in heavy snow a couple of young fallow bucks come down to the haylage that was being fed to the sheep!

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    Must admit i often see fallow and sheep grazing next to each other, esp in the lamp. 2 fields which are better grass/silage fields it's more unusual not to see deer in them wether or not there is sheep in them, althou tonite funnily enough no deer but a miserable night.

    But sheep are pretty much everywhere so if the fallow want to graze in the fields they just have to put up with them, like it or not, plus got quite a high density of fallow too.

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    Whenever I see sheep in a field I just don't bother stalking it. Roe Deer and sheep just don't seem to go together!

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