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Thread: Travel channel - Life below zero

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    Travel channel - Life below zero

    Hi All,

    I have been watching this the past week or so, on at 10.00pm.
    Shows trapping/hunting/subsistence living in Alaska.
    Not a bad way of life, but tough, i think i could deal with the cold, but not days without any sunlight at all.



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    ive watched this its good, The travel channel is a great channel, its like all the discovery channels in one channel,

    I only found it on free veiw a couple of weeks back


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    I too have come across this programme. Really enjoying it. I only have freeview tv so have to wait for things like this to come around.


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    It was pretty good tonight, shooting bear, muskrat, beaver and some guy defrosted a caribou head and ate it, yum, yum!
    Not sure i could cope with the solitude though.

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    We have been watching this series of programs with great interest, even though we agreed that sort of life would not suit us as we are not fans of living in freezing cold conditions or the solitude involved in that sort of lifestyle. It must take a really special type of person/family to live that sort of life!
    The way that the complete family went fishing for pike on last nights program was brilliant and the daughters birthday presents were all very "practical" (A new fishing net, traps etc) What a great way to bring up and educate your children!
    Well worth watching!

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    They are starting a repeat run of series 2 tonight on travel channel. Some nice hunting and shooting for those that have not seen it.


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    Just to add if you get the chance watch the Kilcher family alaska,s last frontier ,,,its great the first seasons just finished,and also ice lake rebels another cold one,oooh! the one where jane atz lee,s wife gets scoped with a 30,06,and knocks her on her arse!! but you want to see her catching thirty pound turbot!!,

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    Look for "Alone In The Wilderness" an amazing film.

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    Quote Originally Posted by A Guy Out West View Post
    Look for "Alone In The Wilderness" an amazing film.
    I agree, i also have his book, what a guy!

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    Been watching this as well! Quiet interesting. Annoys the life out me watching them trying to shoot tho!! Wish they would all get themselves a set of shooting sticks!!! Haha

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