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Thread: Dorchester Sika

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    Dorchester Sika

    Just driving back from Dorchester this afternoon and 4 Sika were grazing by the side of the dual carriageway. Two with 6-8 point heads. So much for being shy!

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    I have seen does along there, in the middle of the day.

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    If nobody is harassing them they are very relaxed species of deer.

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    My office is a short distance from the section of road you mention. More often than not there are a group of Sika Stags enjoying the grass on the verge.

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    I've seen them a few times on that stretch, I nearly crashed the first time I saw them, must of been seven stags happily grazing 2 feet from the carriageway!

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    Very common occurrence. The road goes through Puddletown Forest, after all.

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    I have just changed jobs so haven't commuted that way before, it was a bit of a surprise but now I shall look forward to seeing them again!

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    The other spot on the A35 is the near the Bakers Arm's roundabout outside of Poole esp at dawn!

    I'm amazed there haven't been more RTA's involving the Puddletown Bypass herd esp in the rut......but as you say they graze happily there all year.

    Bit too public for a "drive-by spray & pray"

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    Yes it's a bit of a shock when they are grazing like rabbits a foot from the carriagway in the daylight - was mid afternoon in October when I saw them on the way to half term holiday; my kids thought we were on safari!


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    I've seen them several times at the location you describe. I've also seen herds of 100+ deer in the fields on the road between the Bakers Arms and Bere Regis....

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