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Thread: Suggested cabinet locations?

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    Suggested cabinet locations?

    I live in a wonderful modern house with walls made of cardboard and block work and there is nothing to be bolt the cabinet to. Just tried with 10mm rawl bolts and the thing can straight off the wall. The only concrete surface I have is the garage floor. It is integrated and alarmed but only has the normal locks that an up and over door has. What are my chances?

    Any other more off the wall suggestions out there? Was thinking maybe chemical anchors and studding, but that ain't cheap.


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    In the loft or fit dwangs to your walls, messy to retro fit dwangs though

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    Just had a look for chemical anchors on Amazon and they've come down a lot in price so maybe that is an option after all. Anyone tried it?

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    I used it. Brought a cartridge of it. Can't remember what I paid but it worked fine

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    It depends on how much you use the garage door as you could fit internal bolts on the inside of the garage door.
    As a fabricator/welder/son of builder, I would attack it in my way if the garage was the only option.
    If it went on the floor then damp might raise an issue.

    I will pm you my plan.

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    You could patress the wall spanning studs (600mm ish wide) and you should get a good fixing - use something like 18mm mdf that you can decorate and that'll also pack out the depth of your skirting. For the cabinet fix you can then use some decent hex head toggle fixings - push though cabinet, mdf and plasterboard and will pop open for a secure anchor
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    Cheers guys, much appreciated.

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    In my last house I used Fischer chemical resin and some M10 threaded rod, the resin was less than 20 quid and was bomb proof. If you do go down this route, if you ever move and want to remove the studs after removing the cabinet, lock two nuts against each other on the rod and then you can unscrew the rod by putting a spanner on the innermost nut.

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    I applied for a variation and they went through everything with a fine tooth comb, checking all of the cabinets (3) all of the guns and rifles.
    The door of the gun room admittedly is wood. It's got an alarm and a mortise lock if that's what it's called. All three cabinets had been inspected possibly four times before. Now they failed as they did not have four suitable bolts holding each in place. I suggested he tried to remove them from the wall. Did not matter. No bolts, no variation. He then said what most people just drilled four holes in the bottom and coach bolted them to the floor! Guidelines satisfied! What tosh.
    Anyway, I got the builder to drill them all and use chemical resin to hold the bolts into the wall. Back came the man. Quick look. Very quick. OK. Variation will be processed.
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    I'll go for the resin then. Cheers guys.

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