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Thread: What you can get with a variation if you know the law!

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    What you can get with a variation if you know the law!

    Just to cheer those up who have problems getting variations on the FAC, or even guns.

    My best mate, a keeper of 30 years, has just had a variation on his FAC approved for a .32 cal non captive bolt humaine killer. The only restriction he got was it had to be limited to 3 shots.

    Now it looks like a model K smith and weston revolver, smells like one and definately feels like one, so why did the government go and ban them when you can call it a non captive bolt humaine killer and still get one on a FAC!

    The laws an ass sometimes.

    PS we did try to get the 3 shot restriction removed, but the home office turned him down. He would have needed a carry permit!
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    Or even a "you can leave it in a public toilet, or on a train " permit.
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    There's nothing in the FA to prevent anyone who satisfys the usual criteria of being a suitable person, no danger to public safety and, (most importantly here), can show good reason to possess, from being granted permission for a handgun for humane despatch.

    I previously had a .22rf S&W and a 9mm SIG 228 - both with unrestricted capacity - but TBO found that a 12 bore pump action with slug or large shot would be what I used most of the time.

    There's some interesting case law already established around the possession of handguns for humane killing by 'ordinary' stalkers - have a look at page 3 of the BASC document 'Handguns for Humane Dispatch' which you can download from here:

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