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Thread: .22-250 lee loader classic

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    .22-250 lee loader classic

    I have started shooting a .22-250. At the moment i shoot PPU, and it groups fairly well- around an inch at 100m. Now thinking of starting to do a bit of reloading.
    Have a few questions are the classic lee loaders any good? at 40 it looks like a cheap way to get started.
    Is ppu brass any good for reloading
    not looking to shoot a lot rounds so high volume production is not needed.
    Obvoiusly a reloading book etc is required
    are they safe to use- hammering in a primer looks a bit dangerous.


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    Yes but you will need other bits and bobs as I've just started reloading and decided to buy a kit off 1987spud

    Cheap dies here:

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    Yes they are great
    you don't NEED other bits...but they are useful
    and by far the best reason is they pack away into a shoebox for all the bits!

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    Thanks for replies, what do you think you need in addition to this phillips123? A set of scales to vary the load? A micrometer to check over al length? As I said looking to start cheap. Thanks

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    This is ppu ammo, first time with the rifle first shot was top right and then down 2 clicks and left 2. Hence one shot is out of group.

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    Lee perfect powder measure is very helpful to save you weighing every charge. The Lee scale is good. If you don't get on well with the primer seating, a lee priming tool is worthwhile (helps you feel when primers are seated). It all adds up costwise though.

    You don't need anything else but if you want to vary charges you need a scale.

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    I got a Lee zero error in .222 off Ed and started hammering rounds out... literally ! I did buy some scales to double check the dipper each charge but I get them nearly perfect every scoop now. PPU brass is very good and easy to ream. First tests on a blustery Sunday went 3/4 inch groups at 150 yards off the bipod leaving me amazed. It takes some getting used to whacking home cases in to it and bullets too but proof of pudding is bloody good.

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    Must say that these simple hammer tools intrigue me and if we ever actaully manage toget back into reloading may have to take a closer look at them.

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