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Thread: Reloading Dies, Comp Seater, Press and Hand priming tool

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    Reloading Dies, Comp Seater, Press and Hand priming tool

    As of 20.30 tonight I have listed the following items on eBay:

    RCBS Rock Chucker Supreme Press
    RCBS Hand Priming Tool
    Redding Deluxe Die set (full length, neck, and seater) in .308
    Redding Deluxe Die Set (as above) in.243
    Redding Competition Bullet Seater in .243


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    prices might be good

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    1st dibs on Redding Deluxe Die Set in.243 if the price is right. cannot reply until sunday. Thanks

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    how much do you want for the press?

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    I will be at the range this evening, how much are you looking for on the Redding Competition Bullet Seater in .243?

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    can you pm me the item number or a link for the .308 die set

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    They dont go on until 20.30 do they?

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    I think this is the item:


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    ill have the 308 set please if it hasn't already gone

    send me pm with details please

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    ebay have removed the chucker press..knobheads

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