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Thread: Plastic Ammo Box Inserts

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    Plastic Ammo Box Inserts

    There was a little while ago some one wanting Plastic ammo box inserts, but I can't remember who it was?
    I have found several in the shed if they are still interested or any one else who may be interested

    Please make me an offer for what you may want and I will confirm the postage cost.

    There is a total of 43 in total now



    Attachment 66279Attachment 66280Attachment 66281Attachment 66282Attachment 66286Attachment 66287
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    I put a post up looking for Federal ammo holders (.308 and now 7mmRM) If you have any available.


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    i would be interested in the black ones size and price dependant


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    The orange ones are for 7mm Rem mag
    the red ones are for 222 rem
    the black ones 3 are for 308 and 2 are for 223
    red with white insert 7mm Rem mag
    red with white insert 308

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    The orange one are for 7mm Rem mag x 10
    the red with white inserts are for 7mm Rem mag x 21

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    Make me an offer
    postage is around 4 second class

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    The orange and red plastic with belt loops are now sold 24 in total
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    blsck ones wrong size for me


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