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    Wanted a good set of .270 dies
    Also the same in 6.5x55
    Any one have any they would like to sell
    Both sets must be in very good condition.

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    Hi there
    I have both in Redding if you are interested?

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    Two or three die sets ?? cost for both sets ??

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    I have sent you a PM too, it would not allow me to send the photos?

    See below photos of the Redding dies in question
    The 1st ones are the 6.5mm x 55 Swedish Mauser - Neck sizing die set with a body die so a 3 dies set - there is "NO" rust internal or external, there is some oil on the threads but that is it - very clean and tidy. with spare decapping pin and allen key.
    The 2nd ones are the 270 Winchester - this is a "Deluxe" Die Set - Full length sizer, neck sizer & bullet seater dies - like the others "NO" rust internal or external, there is some oil on the threads but that is it again - very clean and tidy with spare decapping pin

    Attachment 66356Attachment 66357Attachment 66358Attachment 66359

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    The 270 3 die set is what i am after the 65x55 hasn't got a full length sizing die am i right ??

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    Do you want to part with the .270 dies if so what are you after for them.

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