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Thread: Shooting show next weekend

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    Shooting show next weekend

    Well 3 of us from South Glos will be there on Friday hope to arrive before the doors open. Anybody else going on Friday?


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    Unfortunately, too busy with construction here at home, (Granny flat).
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    giving it a miss this year, it the first one I have not gone too.

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    I'm going next Friday, no major buying though, Certs are in for renewal.

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    Yes I'm off to it with 2 buddies.

    on the Saturday,or the Sunday, I maybe working on Saturday though.

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    Saturday or Sunday for me, maybe treat our lass to a day out
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    6 of us going on Friday, hopefully make it this year as we where stuck behind a bad accident on the motorway last year and had to turn back

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    Anyone for a car share? I'm nr Newmarket.

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    If I go, I will spend money I don't have.

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    5 of us coming up from Somerset. Should be fun. Sure I'll see loads of things I can't afford though!

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