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Thread: High seat mod tip.

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    Well that is important but I must admit I like the big bench you guys have there. Makes for a good clean shot.
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    Quote Originally Posted by mchughcb View Post
    Well that is important but I must admit I like the big bench you guys have there. Makes for a good clean shot.
    Bench or Roof...please vote know lol.....

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tim.243 View Post
    In the last picture follow the ladder to where it meets the seat frame ( click on to enlarge the pic)
    It pivots there on 8mm stainless bolts.
    My seats rely on the contact of the 2 bits of tube at the back of the frame. (you could notch a bit of box to get a similar shape) The 4x2 block are only if a tree is leaning a bit off so they act as packers.
    with the bottom of the ladder stamped in then it acts as an angled prop as well as a method to get up and down.
    All ways use 2 straps if I use blocks but a nice upright tree the one is fine.
    Finding the right tree in the right place is like pulling the fittest bird at the party...once in a life time lol

    Thanks for the info, I shall modify mine.....

    cheers WB

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