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Thread: .22-250 powder

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    .22-250 powder

    Looking at starting a little reloading. Have a .22-250 and thinking of a .308. Is there a powder that will be recommended in both? Hodgdon varget? Thought please.

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    Have a look at hodgon h380, its about the best for the 22-250 I also use it for 30-06

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dalua View Post
    Viht N140?

    or TR140 or the RS equivalent (RS50?)
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    Speak to spud he seems to know his stuff and I'm sure Muir will have plenty of experience and knowledge good luck

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    I run both the .308 and 22/250.
    Like above, H380, Varget and N140 work well in both calibers, although N140 lacks the speed in .22/250.

    Also consider H4895.

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    CFE 223 is an excellent choice for .22-250 (40-60gr) and .308 (150-208gr). It provides max velocities and best of all the groups seem to be tightest and near max velocities. 52gr Amax are running at 3950fps with excellent grouping. Devastating.

    I have also found that, in my .308 especially, you get much longer runs before needing to clean the copper out. I've put 80 odd rounds through on a day at the reservoir and there was no noticeable drop of is velocity or performance.

    It seems to be easily obtainable at the moment.

    The other one I would try is the powdered used in Hornady's Superformance rounds. It's called Superformance, unsurprisingly. I have no first hand experience with this powder however it is specifies 'good results' in your calibres.

    There is a similar thread re this from mid '15 but I can't find it to direct you to it.



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    Varget if you can get it tr140 is good forget Superfomance only loads for 22-250 are for 60gr bullets and is very smoky it is not the powder used by default in Hornadys loads.Dave

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    had great results with h380 in 22/250

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    Varget, and h380 will suffice for both, as will BLC2, 4895, and 8208
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