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    BHT Targets

    Just thought I'd post a quick review of BHT Hardox targets. Absolutely fantastic bit of kit. Collected them in person, a pleasure to do business and a real workshop to get lost in!! Have been giving a 10" gong and stand a pasting with both a 243 and 30-06 and whilst it shows signs of shot dimpling it has taken well over 100 rounds, it is still going strong, with a quick spray of tree marker it is as good as new. What's more they are good fun too. I'm in no way affiliated with BHT, just a happy customer.

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    They are good quality and great fun. I've shot mine with my 243 and 308 and a friend with his 300wm and 375H&H from 100m to 500m and there are only a few tiny dimples. I made a great swinging stand from an old commode and some chains so can quickly put it up anywhere.

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    will be getting one or two at the shooting show like the fox and knock out

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    As I good friend of Bruce I can honestly say he is "one of a kind". He will always do his best by customers, even if they dont always make his task easy.

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    Yes - great to deal with and a fair price for the dual swinging gongs. I do like the sound of hanging one off a commode - does that mean one can shoot the cr*p out of it? And every time you miss, it's a sh*t shot?

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