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Thread: Beowning 10 bore semi auto

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    Beowning 10 bore semi auto

    Hello all, I wondered if anyone has a Browning 10 bore or sp10 Remington lurking in the cabinet that they are looking to sell? Obviously there are the normal dealers, Malmo and Forsey but wondered if there was a SD member first?! Thank you.

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    whats your budget? a friend of mine has a browning 3 shot pump which i think he would part with. i'll ask him is your still interested

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    Donny, is it a 10 bore? I didn't know they made a pump!! The bug set like most things will move depending on what's on offer. Cheers

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    I have a browning 10 g gold I might consider sellingClick image for larger version. 

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    Just the job, cracking picture by the way. PM'd you chap.

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    I have a very very clean 30" sp10 in the cabinet hardly done a thing , I wasn't thinking about selling it but I could be persuaded to part with it for the right money.
    Think there is about 300 Winchester sxx 10ga lead shells, loads of reloading gear cases wads terror chokes etc etc that could be in included

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