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Thread: Stalking boots- -what next pair would you buy?

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    Stalking boots- -what next pair would you buy?

    hi to all, i currently have a pair of hunter lace ups Ive had for five years,and are now in need of replacing! i don't know if i should stick with hunter or try another brand,the thing is i cant find them in my local shops i was wondering what boot would you recommend for stalking,and wont fall apart in a few months!! advice gratefully accepted.

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    I second Splash, Mendle.

    I bought a pair of Mendle's last year and they're superb. Comfy, hard wearing, waterproof and let the feet breath. Have done a lot of walking in them and never had a blister or any discomfort. Highly recommended.

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    Meindl Douvre Extreme


    Edit; I have been thinking about this. Lundhags now offer a three year guarantee on their boots, so i am going to change my mind and say Lundhags.
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    Meindl Douvre Extreme or Blackislander (graphite coated)


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    whats wrong with the old dunlop green wellys.

    Only joking. Sounds like Meindl are the way forward.

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