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    New Member - Hi...


    Been shooting game and vermin for 30 years and roe stalking for the last 12 years. My favoured calibre of rifle is the .22-250 for both roe and foxing. It's a calibre which has rarely let me down both for accuracy and stopping power. My interest at present is to try Muntjac stalking. Larger species also, once I have purchased a larger calibre rifle. Reside in East Lothian and most of my stalking has been done in the Scottish Borders.

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    Welcome to the forum, 22-250 is a great calibre use mine for foxes and roe also the occasional rabbit

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    Welcome to the site,

    A clever man knows his strengths, a wise man knows his weaknesses

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    Hi BTG, welcome mate, you'll have a good time here....I shoot 222, but thinking about a 22-250....

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    Welcome to the site, from another Belter.

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    .......................and another. Also use a Sako 75 .22-250, a great all rounder.
    Tikka T3 .223, Browning A-Bolt .270

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    And yet another East Lothian welcome!

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    Welcome to this site please enjoy .22.250 cracking for fox .

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    Do we still get to call ourselves "Belters" Jimmy ?? Or have we fully went over to the dark side as "Panners" ?

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