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Thread: Peltor sporttac problem

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    Angry Peltor sporttac problem

    Hi everyone,

    My year old peltor sporttac ear muffs were great up until a month ago. Now they've started hissing and crackling in my right ear. It's not a constant thing but comes and goes. It's exceptionally irritating so I've stopped wearing them, right pain for something so pricey.

    Has anyone had a similar issue? If so, what was the cure? It's got a brand new pair of Duracell batteries in. Seems odd!

    Many thanks.

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    I had my first pair of Peltor electronic ear defenders (very early ones) for several years and they were brilliant. When they finally died I had no hesitation in buying another, newer version.

    These were never right ,got them replaced twice (which was painful as I had bought them from a hopeless shop). The third pair were still useless, now they just live in my truck as spares.

    Just bought a pair of Sordin MSA, used them for the first time today.

    No more chances for Peltor from me i'm afraid. Plenty of people do seem to get on ok with them though.

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    There is a link cable that connects left and right cups with a multiway connector on either end. I would try unplugging this cable at either end and then reconnecting then, this will clean the contacts and may solve your issue.

    I have had my Sporttac's for several years and apart form batteries they have been faultless.
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    Same problem with my peltors, just crap. Binned them and bought a set of sordins.

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    Had my peltors a couple of years now, performed faultlessly. Used everyday in all weathers

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