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Thread: SGC and FAC renewal

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    SGC and FAC renewal

    Well I thought I would just say what good service I have had from Devon and Cornwall police, put my renewal in between Xmas and new year and 5 1/2 weeks later it's on my door step this morning. And been given my variations and everything is spot on. I know some of you are waiting longer just for a variation.
    Atb Matt

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    Hope I get to say the same about Hampshire!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by JSW View Post
    Hope I get to say the same about Hampshire!!!
    Dont hold your breath, been the worst its ever been up to christmas, keeper waited 9,1/2 weeks for a one for one.

    i sent mine in to wiltshire last tuesday got it back friday with a new 243 and 2 mods and 500 rounds of ammo, got to one of the best in the country,

    good luck

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    Just had my SGC renewal and a grant for a Fac from Devon and Cornwall, 9 weeks BUT my application was only held up by doc's medical report which they had for 4 weeks, first form went in, 2 weeks later the doc's asked for a letter off consent to release the info I asked them too on the form then held onto it for another 2 weeks before printing it off !!!!

    Anyway they got the medical report on tuesday, fac and sgc on doormat on saturday \o/

    All in all D & C feo was great about the hold up as was Exeter and both said that is the biggest problem they face is doc's not getting medical reports in so if you do need a med report be prepared to chase it up.

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    I know Kent are issuing temporary shotgun permits for renewals as they were months behind but they seem to be gradually improving.

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    Just be thankful you are not in TVP area

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