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Thread: Walk in chiller problem

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    Walk in chiller problem

    Just wondered if any fridge engineers can help.
    I have a 8x4 walk in chiller with a monoblock. I have put some lambs through today and put them in on the rail. 1st two and the chiller was running fine and down to 3 degrees. I went back later with two more and whilst cleaning down noticed that the temperature was not dropping as it should. The fans etc sound fine, the inside fans are running, but the evaporator (?) inside was icing from the top down. The outside rad air flow was not warm as usual.
    Any pointers, I am not looking to repair myself, just don't want an engineer bending me over!

    Any help gratefully received


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    Firstly 4 x lambs contain a lot of heat if they have just been killed/eviscerated,was the top of the compressor hot? Have you bunched them up or were they given plenty of room,and has it dropped at at all since?


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    Hi Martin
    Two went in this morning, and temperature went down as normal, two this afternoon then noticed the problem after that. Spread out on the gambrels on the running rail. Got to 6 degrees and sat there for 2 hours with everything still running still running. Put them in the other chiller, sitting at 2 degrees. Havent checked the compressor temperature. I will have a look in the morning when I try it again.


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    Keith, (Sikadog) is your man, PM him, I have his number if you need advice quickly.
    (The Unspeakable In Pursuit Of The Uneatable.) " If I can help, I will help!." Former S.A.C.S. member!

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    Quote Originally Posted by finnbear270 View Post
    Keith, (Sikadog) is your man, PM him, I have his number if you need advice quickly.
    Thanks Finnbear,
    The lambs are in the other chiller, so not desperate. Had a fallow in here last week, all good. I don't understand refrigeration just wanted a few pointers so I don't pay for their Christmas!

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    Did you let the lambs cool before putting them in? If it's not chucking out cold air but I guess if it's frozen up it must be? I would of said steam from the lambs caused the blower to freeze up, try it again with nothing in, if the air is warm could be your compressor or gas leaked maybe?

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    Hi if the evaporator is iced up you wont be getting a flow of air through it first thing is to defrost it and see if it freezes over again or if ot has been a gradual build up of ice

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    Check the fins below the compressor for fluff and crap it may just need a good clear out because the air isn't circulating around the fins.If it is clogged then turn off the power and get a hose and squirt it down through and out the bottom this will clear it and maybe is your main problem....worth a try.

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    Give me a ring on 07973763655 and we can see if we can sort it over the phone

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    Thanks for the chat today Keith. I have found a local lad who is coming out on Saturday morning. His phone diagnosis was the same as yours. (Low in gas/pressure). Beer tokens and a bit of lamb is the arrangement, as you suggested! Thanks for your help, will swap it back if you are ever down this way.

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