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Thread: a few good men

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    a few good men

    when the end of the game season comes we head north in search of the hills snow and deer .This year was to have a s!ight twist all but an enjoyable one .
    I'd like to relive all the hunts we had but it would make my fingers ache and take too many pages but here is a sample .
    we travelled up to Dumfries and got the key to our house from the lady at the village store and set up camp for the next few days ,I was joined this yr by my good pals Jamie ,graham and two wildfowlers Jason and goosey .
    we met with Colin the stalker many of you know (solway stalker ) who I've hunted with for some yrs now and hatched a plan .I've always expressed an interest to see and maybe take a wildboar and Colin said there was a good chance if we put in a little effort .this yr for this very occasion we managed to get hold of a thermal spotter kindly lent by mark (big thanks )and with the archer on the 308 Jamie Colin and I headed for the seat .we got comfortable and settled down for a long wait .we were all kitted out for the weather as it started to snow and with this blowing into our seat I made an effort to keep the kit dry as Jamie spotted .Colin said 7pm was a good time but be prepared for a stay of maybe 5 hours but to be very very quiet .
    well the wind helped mask our whispers as before long a pig shuffled into the thermals view then another and another holy moly 6 pigs around the feed station when I say pigs these were the black and white version known as badgers but it kept us busy watching them and boy did they have a ball .Jamie said one was in a bucket of feed feasting and passed me the thermal when all of a sudden the unmistakable shape of a large wild boar walked in from my right hand side heading away from me its ears ever alert .
    I readed the 308 turned on the archer and paused ,he turned his large head an I fired dropping the 50kg wild boar instantly exactly 7 pm. I knew I was excited as I could feel my chest pounding Jamie said he thought the seat was going to shake over and as I calmed down and thanked my pals we took a sip or two of Scotland's finest in celebration ,I gralloched the beast and couldn't stop smilling all the way to the game dealer .I hardly slept a wink that night with Adrenalin still coarsing through my viens along with a modest % Glenfiddich and I was up and ready by 4.30am ,everyone rustled up by about 530 and we had breakfast before heading off to the estate .we arrived met the other stalker and headed off to a patch of new planting the roe and red had been paying attention to . Colin and I stalked forward along the road and .I caught a glimpse of a white behind so moved forward on my own and sidled down on a stump but couldn't get in a comfy position .there was a small knoll so we moved slowly along and got set up on the bipod .the doe was angled away from me and I watched her for some time no other roe were with her and I decided time had come for a shot ,a bark caught her attention and the 270 did its thing and another tree snipper was in the larder .

    between us we accounted for red hinds roe we all took a!east one of each and wild boar and graham shot a huge mountain fox .we had superb food each lunchtime in the local pub in dalry but mostly we enjoyed ourselves tremendously and I couldn't recommend the solway stalker experience more highly .
    big thanks to Colin and his stalkers and my pals graham and Jamie jase and goosey for your company on another momentous trip north .
    I'm 50 next year and was thinking of a trip away Africa Germany and alike but I'm pretty sure stags roaring on the estate will easily make a half century a trip to remember
    hope you enjoyed the read get yourself up there
    good hunting
    Norma and a few good men
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    nice read, thanks

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    Nice one, photos will be good too

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    Food at the abbey arms hotel then. Lol. !!!!!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Yorkshire lad View Post
    Food at the abbey arms hotel then. Lol. !!!!!!!
    amazing food at the abbey ha ha we went to have a last night meal and the miserable bleep bleep said sorry residents only for food so Jamie said stick yr pint and off to the mabie hotel for super food and met up with SD member gaz and his mate Dave much better atmosphere

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    Quote Originally Posted by AndrewT059 View Post
    Nice one, photos will be good too
    a few pics in member gallery mate

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    Can you put any pics on Doug i cant get them to upload for some reason
    Great to see you guys again , you timed it just right with the weather , it hasnt stopped raining since you left
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    Nice account of your successful trip Norma. Enjoyed our evening in great company having a catch up with you, Jamie and Graham. Looks like you guys had the weather gods looking down on you at Forest as my trip was a blanket of fog or washed out with rain. ATB Gaz

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    You should have popped along to the estate Gaz ,, extra pair of hands would have been handy for dragging
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