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Thread: nissan navara

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    nissan navara

    Hi guys, could any members who own a navara 2.5 give me what mpg they are getting,also the year of vehicle that consumption came from?
    Many Thanks Neil

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    What model are you interested in? My D40 Visia is lower powered than other models such as the Tekna, but I get 33 mpg locally and 37 on a run.

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    Got an 06 Navarra and I have not definitively nailed down the mpg but I'm guesstimating at early 30's.

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    I get around 28mpg in an 06 manual. I've heard the autos are a bit thirstier usually 24ish mpg

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    2005 D40, currently showing 31.8mpg

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    I had an 07 2.5 manual pathfinder which was effectively a Navarra with a boot and I got (tight fisted Yorkshireman researched) 28 mpg on a run and 24 around town.

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    Hi Neil
    I have a 63 Tekna with just under 15000 on the clock. 32-33 MPG.
    Must add it is with 20 mile+ motorway driving (76 m/h). The moment I start with town stop start it drops to 31 MPG.
    I have had it higher on long motorway trips with best on 36 MPG. Thats with cruise hooked and just chewing the road..
    Did notice MPG get better when a canopy was fitted...
    Hope that helps :-)

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    I used to have a 55 plate D40 auto and I worked it out my average was 31mpg but I drove it like a fanny most of the time
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    I have a d40 on a 13 plate. 25 around town and 28 motorway. But I'm on 50/50 tires. When I was on road tyres I was getting 28 around town and 31 motorway.

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    Thanks for all the replies

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